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Brand: Amul
Manufacturer: GCMMF Ltd.
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What is Amul Ghee?

Amul Ghee, a type of clarified butter, is considered to be very healthy for the body due to its numerous benefits. Consuming one spoon of ghee daily can help keep individuals fit and strong in today’s fast-paced life where being active and energetic is crucial. Ghee is also beneficial for digestion, as it stimulates muscle movements, strengthens sense organs, nourishes skin, and improves complexion. Additionally, Amul Ghee is a good source of energy that provides vitality to the human body. Amul Ghee, which is made from fresh cream, has a distinct rich aroma and granular texture. It is an ethnic product that has been made by dairies with decades of experience and is also a rich source of vitamins A, D, E, and K.

What are the applications of Amul Ghee?

The applications of the Amul Ghee include spreading it on foods such as paranthas and rotis, cooking, garnishing, and making sweets.

What are the nutritional information for Amul Ghee?

The composition indicates that the product contains a minimum of 99.7% fat and a maximum of 0.3% moisture. The nutritional information on the amount of energy, fat, cholesterol, and other nutrients in the product per 100 ml. The product is high in fat, with 90.5g of total fat per 100 ml, of which 58g are saturated fat. It also contains 190mg of cholesterol and no sodium, total carbohydrate, sugar, or protein. Additionally, the product is a significant source of vitamin A, with 700mcg per 100 ml, but not a significant source of dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin C, calcium, or iron. The nutritional values provided are approximate.



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