Mangaldeep Sandal Agarbatti


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Brand: Mangaldeep
Manufacturer: ITC Limited
Country of Origin India
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The finest Sandal Agarbattis from the Mangaldeep brand for your daily puja. Its delightful fragrance makes every prayer a special experience. It dispels your worries and helps you have an undisturbed conversation with God. Be one with God. With Mangaldeep Agarbattis.

How to Use

  • Hold the Agarbatti at the uncovered end of the stick and light the other end using a matchstick
  • Hold the flame for some time until the stick ignites
  • If you see a glowing amber, then the incense stick is burning properly. If you do not see anything, and the tip looks ashy, then you will need to relight the stick.
  • If the agarbatti is still burning even after seeing the amber then gently blow out the flame
  • Keep the burning stick away from flammable materials



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