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Brand: Homelites
Manufacturer: ITC Limited
Country of Origin India
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Homelites matchsticks are designed for safe usage inside the home. Its Karborised sticks ensures safety from fire hazards due to burning sticks falling down. Its Longer sticks ensures safety of your hands and you light multiple items froma stick. Its stronger sticks doesnt break off and every stick is useful.

  • Extra Long -The longer sticks will allow you to light multiple stoves or diyas. Longer sticks for extra safety in the kitchen
  • Extra Strong – Homelites matchsticks are stronger than ordinary wooden sticks. So no breakage of sticks and all sticks burn for sure
  • Karborised – The special Karborised matchsticks doesnt break off even during burning like ordinary matchsticks!

How to Use

  • Strike the matchstick gently at an angle on the side friction surface in a direction away from the body
  • Light Gas Stoves, Diya, Aggarbattis with a single extra long Homelites matchstick
  • Keep it away from Children for safety

Source: itcstore.in


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